Thursday, January 25, 2007


India, a vibrant democracy, a land of mystery because of diverse language, geographies, and people; had a western perception of land of beggar and snake charmers is today emerging as a next “Super Power” with booming economy, increasing per capita income, increasing role in world affairs, achievement in the field of IT, space technology, science etc, makes it a major contender for the super power status. There’s a revolution afoot in India. Unlike any other developing nation, India is using brainpower rather only cheap physical labour or natural resources in the form of petroleum to fuel its development.

India is in the middle of incredible change in economic, social and technological arena. New images of India are enormously exciting. The possibility of India to become the next superpower is envisaged by the social mobility, powered by vast burgeoning middle class whose aspiration are exploding like a nuclear device.

India: The next superpower mantra is chanted by its growing economy, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The Indian economy is growing at around 6% of GDP (gross domestic product) from 1990 onwards. The following economic data and projection supports the India for the superpower status:

# The GDP grew around 9% in 2006-07 and it is maintaining its consistency since the economic reforms.

# The per capita people purchasing power is at around 2500$ and projected to grow 5000$ around 2020.

# Current population promise for younger working class people, and the population is expected to stabilize at 1.5 billion in 2050.

# Third larges economy in PPP (people purchasing power) term by 2012.

The progress in the field of IT sector, Science & technology helped India to boost it economy and improve the lives of people. India is now considered as hub for the IT & ITES, and Banglore as the capital of outsourcing in the world. Today, Indian talent in this arena is respected all around the world. India’s unique space programme has fought international sanctions to emerge as key player in India’s development. Meanwhile, India’s nuclear industry is boldly building cutting-edge fast breeder reactors.

In the social sector India has made some progress but it is below the expectation and not fit for the standard of country, which has the aspiration of world’s superpower. The literacy percentage has been improved but it is still has illiterate pool of around 400 million, who cannot write his name. Infant mortality, gender discrimination, infanticides, situation of women, scheduled caste, etc are some of the major hurdle which are challenging India and raising the debate regarding the suitability of India for the superpower status. The status of health and sanitation, education, women empowerment, situation of tribal people, lack of basic amenities in the rural areas are some of the issues which are hampering the prospect of India to become the superpower in the future.

The other thing, which is of the major concern, is the inequitable distribution of the fruits of the economic progress, as the charms and shine of the development only confined to the Indian cities. The urban rural divide has increased tremendously. On one hand the average income of an individual working for an IT company of Banglore is around 80,000 on the other hand the average per capita income of people in Bihar or UP is less than 2000 rupees. Today, India is placed at 127th rank in human development index, because of its poor literacy rate, high child mortality rate, gender discrimination, human right etc. This should be checked for the superpower status.

Environmental degradation, which includes water pollution, water scarcity, land degradation, air pollution, energy inefficiency, etc is of major concern. Because, neglecting the environmental harmony will be fatal, mere economic growth will not give the India superpower status, for the superpower status India will have to make advancement in economic, social, cultural arena in harmony with the nature. This development will be called as Sustainable development.

I hope that India will take the holistic approach instead of urban-centric economic growth, which is unsustainable, as it will create division in the society. India has the stockpile of the entire arsenal, which is needed for becoming the superpower. It has most brilliants minds in the world. It has large pool of working population. I hope that India will tackle the entire problem, which it faces today, and emerge as a superpower. It will be a good, liberal superpower where human right, democracy and all the human value will be respected.

The future is of India’s and Indian will make inroads in all sector and all parts of the world.

Friday, September 29, 2006


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Geology and Andaman

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Andaman-Unstable geology-Earth quake-Plate tectonics

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Plates in Andaman sea

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Barren Island

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mangroove: biodefence of Andaman coast Posted by Picasa
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The Andaman Ever green forest, Most plesurable scene for the eye Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nicobari hut Posted by Picasa
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Blue Island Posted by Picasa
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Beautiful Andaman Evergreen Forest
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The calmness of Andaman Sea make the life calm, without tension. I got fed up with the boring life with tension of examination now and then, and competitivness character to succeed every now and then. The mad rat race to come first actually create chaos in the mind, a break is need for the peace of Soul, and this paradise on the earth for the nature lover can fulfill this desire. Posted by Picasa